items in try at home kit are replicas in silver and cz. to buy real pieces, links found on product pages

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Buying jewelry with a sales person watching your every move can be hard, daunting, and overwhelming.

Be confident and assured you can buy the perfect ring, earrings, and pendant, in the 'comfort of your own home'.

With our diamond experts, you can feel safe and informed about all your jewelry needs.

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Our home try-on is 100% FREE. The $100 security fee charged is fully refunded once your package is returned and received.
We allow one (1), free home try-on order per customer/address. additional home try-on orders will incur a non-refundable $100 fee.
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replicas & rings

Design: Made to look identical
Metal: Made in silver in 3 colors to replicate the final product
Stone: Precision cut cubic zirconia, a simulant that mimics a diamond


The rings are a hands on experience - simply fit the top to the desired band, offering you multiple ways to customize your dream ring.

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Do not miss the advice of an in-store salesperson, and talk to a diamond expert at home today!

Enjoy a complimentary appointment personalized experience, at your fingertips.

Our consultants can assist you in choosing the perfect jewelry piece for yourself or a loved one.

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